If you’re wondering, the chica up above is me, Darcy. I’m an engagement, intimate wedding and elopement photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re located in a different state or country, don’t let my location detour you, because I travel. Send me a message and tell me about the proposal, something about your sweetheart or how you met. I’m always ready to travel and an adventure. Here’s a bit about me below…


I love sewing and handmade quilts

I grew up in Northwestern Wisconsin (Go Packers!)

I am a dog person and have a rescue [Newt], who is my world

I wish clothes lines would come back into style

I like to encourage people to believe in themselves

I love the sound of a thunderstorm and rain

I’m a woman of God.

I prefer a tangible pen and paper over electronic devices

I love fruit tea on a hot summer day

There's nothing more beautiful than the glow of an expecting mother

I believe you should create photo albums to pass to the next generation

I dream of going to Ireland, Italy and Iceland one day

Sky diving is on my bucket list

I’m a windows down while I’m traveling kinda woman