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TJ + Amanda. Green Door Gourmet. Nashville, TN

TJ + Amanda. Green Door Gourmet. Nashville, TN

How they met: Amanda and I first met at the Nashville Edgehill Coffee Shop. As we sipped on tea and coffee, she started by telling me how they met and finished with how he proposed. T.J. and Amanda's epic love story began on eHarmony. Amanda had consulted her parents on what types of qualities they thought would be complementary to her personality, and T.J. met the primary criteria! He loved the Lord and it was clear that he was passionate about music and using his creativity; equally driven as her, but in a different area. T.J. thought Amanda was cute and admired her walk with the Lord, her taste in books. The Proposal: Amanda, having had a full day of work and dinner with a friend, was excited to go home and call it a night. T.J. having gotten out of class early that Tuesday decided it was the perfect time for a spontaneous proposal. When Amanda left dinner with her friend, T.J. texted her the first clue for a scavenger hunt. At this point, Amanda knew T.J. was going to propose because he had previously mentioned that his plan for a proposal was a scavenger hunt (which he had forgotten!). Amanda quickly followed the clues to the Starbucks where they first met, to the movie theater where they decided to officially be a couple, and then to the front of the church where they currently attend. At the church, the clue asked Amanda to knock on the church door, close her eyes and count to 20. At the end of 20, Amanda turned around and T.J. was down on his knee. Amanda said, "Yes!"


Wedding Planner: Details by Margaret 

Venue: Green Door Gourmet

Videographer: NT Studios

TJ + Amanda Engagement | Green Door Gourmet | Nashville, TN

TJ + Amanda Engagement | Green Door Gourmet | Nashville, TN


I recently sat down with Amanda to have tea and talk about her fiancé, TJ. They, like many other couples these days, met online. She's originally from Austin, TX and he's from South Carolina. He's a southern boy to the core, as he's the most laid back person I've ever met. However, his love for Amanda is anything but laid back. His love is up front and I think if he had the chance, he'd scream it from the top of a silo. Amanda is much the same, which I love about the them. I adore couples who are not afraid to express their love for one another, and they are not.


At one point, TJ and I waited for Amanda to do a quick wardrobe change. While we waited, I asked TJ to give me his best race car look.