I received a phone call from a local newborn + birth photographer asking if I would like to be the 'on call back up' for her birth clients, Rachael and Tim. The photographer was going out of town the following week and I would only need to cover one day because another photographer was covering the other days. Besides, the chances of anything happening on the one day I was "back up" was slim, right? On the morning of the 'one day', I received a phone call from Rachael and Tim. The doctor decided that their baby boy and momma to be were showing some signs of distress. Their baby boy would be making his appearance and I was more than elated to capture precious memories for the first time parents. 

I was so thankful that Rachel was delivering at the same place that I captured Lisa and Craig's delivery a couple months earlier. I knew right where I was going which helped ease any location confusion. I knocked, entered and met mom and dad to be and both anxious and excited grandmas to be. Rachael was scheduled for a C-section. However, two emergency deliveries arrived pushing hers back two hours. When the docs were ready to wheel her back, I was not allowed to go back in the OR for Rachael's C-section. I was allowed to go the NICU with Tim. Their precious baby boy was almost four pounds. I was told that out of all six babies in the NICU, their baby was by far the biggest.