I was beyond excited when I arrived at Meadow Hill Farm in Columbia, Tennessee. This would be my first time to shoot a wedding there with fellow photographer Laurie Oakes. My wedding photographer friends have been raving about this venue. Upon entering the gravel driveway, it was pretty easy to tell why Meadow Hill Farm is a big hit with brides to be and wedding vendors. Meadow Hill Farm is GORGEOUS! There are gardens of chaotic wild flowers everywhere. Mature trees fill the property making any outdoor lover swoon every time the breeze blows through the leaves. It didn't take this native Wisconsin gal long to figure out that the bride's corridor is an old milk house. LOVE! The groom's corridor is like a cabin. I hadn't parked my car yet and I was thinking to myself, "how long before I can come back and shoot another wedding?"

Josh and Sharly have two beautiful daughters and an inseparable love for one another. They've been together a number of years and you can see it in how comfortable they are with one another. They joked around as if they had been married forty years already. Their intimate wedding was a perfect fit for their personalities. I wish them a happy marriage filled with unending love.