If you've ever been around a man for any length of time, (dad, brothers, boyfriend, husband, co-workers) you've probably heard of March Madness. The question is... have you ever heard of May Madness?!?! Probably not, because I'm making it up right now. Haha! Let me assure you that it DOES exist. It is the month that the wedding season hits full throttle for me and I LOVE IT! Every weekend and some week days are filled with exciting bride and groom celebrations. 

May is a wonderful month, but I've decided to make it even better. I'm offering a little bonus for Brides + Grooms that want to book their 2018 wedding. If you book during the remaining month of May or June 2017, you ONLY have to put a $500 retainer down to secure your wedding date. You don't have to put the usual 50% down. All you need is $500! Weddings are expensive and there's a lot of money being paid to secure your venue, food, dress, DJ, etc. Let me make it a little less stressful on you as you begin to start your journey together.

Want more information on wedding packages? Do you know someone who is engaged and this could help them financially? Send this email to them. They'll thank you!

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