"A Baby Story" debuted on the TLC Channel in 1998 and I was hooked! Each family's story was so unique. Some couples were preparing to have their first child while others were having another child to complete their family. The show never revealed the actual birth of a baby, probably due to legal reasons and modesty. However, they did show the preparation for the baby, the mother laboring, and what life was like after they brought their bundle of joy home. Pregnancy and the birthing process is truly a miracle. 

Like most photography, birth photography has found its place in the world. It's a very intimate type of photography. Emotions are at their rawest and there's no recreating a moment. I knew I wanted to capture a birth, but the question remained "who" and "when"?

I had photographed Craig + Lisa's maternity session in July, but I never imagined that I would get to be a part of their baby's birth. I was over the moon excited! Most birth photographers reserve two weeks either side of the baby's due date to be 'on call'. Since their first little girl decided to arrive five weeks early, Craig + Lisa  had no idea what to expect with their little boy. At 5am, the day after Lisa's due date, my cell phone rang. Lisa's water had just burst and soon Dominik would make his appearance. None of us were aware of how soon that would be. I told her to call me when they left for the hospital since I live 45 minutes one way and they live 40 minutes the other way. At 7am the phone rang again and this time Lisa was breathing heavy, real heavy. They were on their way to the hospital and she said she didn't know if they'd make it in time or if this was going to be a car delivery. I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and hit the road. It was rush hour with bumper to bumper traffic. I claimed that HOV lane like it was my best friend and kept making up stories in my head in case the cop pulled me over. I parked, ran to Labor and Delivery and found baby Dominik laying on his Mama's chest. She had delivered him before they even got her checked in, ten minutes prior to my arrival. In all honestly, I was disappointed that I missed the actual birth, but relieved that Lisa had made it to the hospital and everyone was doing great! I got to spend the day capturing Dominik's first eight hours of life. I felt beyond blessed! This little boy is so loved and is the first grandson.

Dominic meets his Grandmas and Grandma's reaction when she hears the birth story of how Lisa almost didn't make it to the hospital.

The first Grandson and the one who will carry on the family name.