Love wins when a man and a woman are perfectly created for one another. That's Eric + Lauren. Any time spent around these two love birds and you'll see two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Their eyes show respect for one another. Love for one another. Compassion for one another. Grace for one another. Gratitude for each other. 

Towards the end of Eric + Lauren's reception celebration, a film crew arrived for taping. Country entertainer, Kelsea Ballerini, needed a real life wedding firework exit to put in her upcoming video, Legends. Eric + Lauren were the lucky couple chosen. Woot! Woot! After three or four exit runs, the video crew had what they needed and so did we as photographers. I cannot thank Chelsey Ssmohano enough for asking me to assist on this beautiful wedding! What a fun time we had together. In case you're interested, at the :30 second mark of the music video, you can see the real wedding exit. You'll see Chelsey running backwards getting photos. I'm kneeling on the ground shooting up towards the couple, so you won't see me. My Hollywood debut will have to wait. =)

When the baby needs a nap, everyone takes a turn until she only wants Mom.

A little first dance practice...