A little confession... I've been completely envious of Jeri Dawn's perfect eyebrows since I met her. I tell her all the time. She's an absolutely gorgeous woman. Jeri Dawn is a make-up artist and a damn good one too. She's a photographer's dream to capture. She has this light inside of her when she smiles and laughs.

Jeri Dawn inquired about doing a photo session for a contest she was entering. The contest required very specific images and I was more than excited to be on board. We decided a sunrise session would be best. We picked a day and time and watched the weather obsessively. The forecast was to be clear. As we drove into the 12 South area of Nashville, the sprinkles began to fall. Thankfully, the rain never progressed into more than heavy sprinkles. We had lots of laughs over the weather. Towards the end of the session, the sun made its appearance. 

Black Dress. Shoes. Pants. Jewelry. Red Jacket. - Charlotte Russe

Gray Hoodie - Bella Ella Boutique


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