I met Allison about five years ago while we were working together at a local restaurant. Allison has a radiant personality, infectious laughter and just being around her will put any one in a great mood. We would talk about her passion for design and beautiful freckled faced red-headed daughter, McKenna. McKenna is now a beautiful young lady and ready to play the role of big sister, helper and babysitter. Allison eventually left the restaurant, got hired by a design firm and became married. I secretly kept up with her on Facebook. (shhhhhh don't tell her) I was excited when I learned Allison and her husband were expecting a new bundle of joy! I was even more ecstatic when she reached out to me to capture their growing family. 

I've learned another thing about Allison. She has some major baby nursery room design style. I LOVE every little detail that fills their baby's room. They did not find out if it's a boy or a girl, but it's perfect for either gender. I cannot wait to meet their little one!

Allison ordered this absolutely adorable hand-made baby mobile from Etsy. 

I LOVE this sweet moment between mom and daughter.