I got shot, but don't worry... it's not the dangerous gunshot kind. About a month ago, I had the opportunity to get in front of the camera instead of being behind it. (A huge shout out to the beautiful and talented Brandy Moulin Dawson for capturing these.) I'll admit that every now and then I like to get in front of the camera. I believe it's crucial to my career choice.  Experiencing what my clients do is beneficial to me, but more-so for them.

While Brandy was getting suited up with her photography gear, I couldn't help think "Why didn't I loose those ten pounds I promised myself I would before this shoot? Did I wear too much make up or not enough? Is my hair starting to frizz from the humidity? Why didn't I bring extra deodorant?" It was at that very moment that I realized some very important lessons...  

First, my Mother doesn't care that I didn't loose those ten pounds and neither does yours! Your Mother or Aunt or Grandma is going to hang your memory on their wall and look at it and smile. They are not going to say "that'd be a great photo if she'd lost 10lbs or her hair wasn't so frizzy." If that were the case, all of my junior high and high school photos would be in the trash. Thankfully, I (and my family) cherish those photos because they are a snapshot of my life. Photographs are our way of capturing "life" in a visual form. In our media driven world, can you imagine your life without photos? Hopefully, you said no. I can't.

Secondly, my clients mean everything to me! I am honored when they choose me to capture a few moments of their lives. To experience what my clients are feeling when they are in front of my camera provides a different perspective for me. It helps me to be better equipped in helping them relax, have fun, be themselves and communicate without trepidation.  

This was a wonderful experience for me once I relaxed and let Brandy be the photographer. I want my clients to feel that way too! 


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