Darcy Ferris


Darcy Ferris

Since I was a little girl, I always remember my Mother having a camera in her hand. I have inherited boxes and boxes of tangible photographs documenting my family's & my journey through life. My Mother captured everything  just as it happened. Real life. Real moments. Real time. Those photographs are priceless. They tell stories and capture emotions that words cannot express. One could say she passed the photography gene to me. I've always needed some form of creativity in my life (i.e., sewing, playing instruments, singing, dancing, painting). The bug bit me as a twelve year old girl scout needing to earn a photography badge and then  again in high school. The feel of film. The darkroom.  A blank piece of photo paper one minute and then a tangible, developed print minutes later. 

For me, photography is about capturing the moments in between the moments. It's capturing love and light from different perspectives. It's printing your photographs and filling your walls full of sweet memories. It's a tangible statement in a visual form. 

                                     Photos by Brandy Dawson Photography

                                     Photos by Brandy Dawson Photography

A little bit about me...

Patient. confident. humorous. adventurous. spontaneous. outgoing. determined. focused.

I am a Canon Shooter

I love to sew

I started taking photos at age 12 during girl scouts to earn a badge

I believe prints matter

I have a rescue dog [Newt], who is spoiled

I love handmade quilts

My favorite color is different shades of green

I'm addicted to Lipsense

I like to encourage people to believe in themselves

Thunderstorms and rainy days are the best

The anticipation building up to the ceremony is my favorite part

One day I want to own a farm

I prefer a tangible pen and paper over electronic devices

I know my directions (north+south+east+west) very well

I love the sound of children on a school bus

There's nothing more beautiful than the glow of an expecting mother

I believe you should  create photo albums to pass to the next generation

I dream of going to Ireland one day



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